Kohler Parts


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Recoil spring for K161, 181 7 and 8 hp engines


   Head gasket for K161, 181 7 and 8 hp engines



 Kohler Gasket Set  PN/ KH-4175506

KOHLER K161, K181


 Kohler Pan Gasket PN/ KH-233533

KOHLER K161, K181


 Breather & Vent Gasket PN/ KH-230048

KOHLER K161, K181


  High Speed Needle Assembly  PN/KH-200410

Fits Kohler 7hp K161 and the 8hp K181 engines


Kohler Float Bowl Gasket


 Muffler PN/ KH-41-068-08 & 48-068-01

Fits 7 or 8 H.P. Kohler Engines.


   7 HP Or 8HP Decal


Condenser for Battery Ignitions PN/ KH-230722-S


Kohler Points all K Series Engines pre 1981 PN/KH-47-150-03


   Kohler Carburetor gasket PN/KH-271030


Kohler Fuel Gasket Gasket PN/ KH-233542

KOHLER K161, K181